ZEWDITU -  Ethiopia

ZEWDITU Tailoring and Embroidery Training

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Zewditu Tailoring & Embroidery Training Center /ZTETC/ focuses on providing quality training in garment designing, pattern developing, sewing as well as embroidery.


Embroidery class in session

Training offered by ZTETC

Our center has an ongoing training program for the following target groups.

  • Formal training for school leavers who are not enrolled in government training institutions.

  • Non-formal training for elders/house wives and office workers.

  • Short training upgrade programs for self employed and factory workers to upgrade their skills

  • Provide qualified and efficient trained workers for textile industries and garment factories.

Trainees on parade wearing dresses they designed


Our center has 26 years experience in the field and has trained and graduated over
10,000 people up to now. We are very proud of our contribution to poverty allevation as most of the graduates from our center are either employed in garment factories or are self-employed. ZTETC offers quality training in designing and sewing garments, be it national, european or others, for all seasons to all who need our services.

Design and pattern developing class

Future Plans

Our center being one of the best in the field well soon be introducing the state of the art machineries and computerize to modernize its training program so as to meet the demand of its clients.  In this regard the construction of new classrooms and the retraining of instructors have been accomplished so far.

The acquisition of current and up-to-date machineries and computerization of the system is now on progress.

The quality service that we rendered for a long time and the rich experience that we have makes us a better choice in the field.

ZTETC staff and graduating class of 2003

 Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our motto was, is and will be to serve you


Arada Kifle Ketema, Kebele 12
P.O.Box  8245, Addis Ababa
Tel. 00251-1-23-25-61 Mob. 09-23-15-15
e-mail: zewditu@free.mail.et
Web page: www.bds-ethiopia.net/zewditu