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Teklu Kidane


 Personal data                                                          


Teklu Kidane

Business Management and Consultancy

Nationality: Ethiopian

P.O Box 22 689 code 1000 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel. ++251-1-46 15 67, Mobile ++251-9-65 78 68








 Major experience  [top]                                                                                                

  • animation, facilitation and problem solving techniques specific to Micro and Small Enterprises Sector in Ethiopia;

  • experience of working with private sector, public institutions and not-for-profit organizations (NGOs) in areas of Business Development Services, Networking and Organisational Development;

  • experience in the organization of workshops/meetings and preparation of reports as well as proceedings/minutes of Advisory Board Meetings of the UN-ECA Project on the Promotion of the Informal Sector for Development in Africa and that of Ethio-German micro and small enterprises development programme;

  • sufficient experience in operations of Micro Finance Industry particular to:

    • planning, organising, coordinating, directing and controlling micro finance  programmes;

    • designing programs, methodologies, operational procedures and systems;

    • preparation of operation, strategic business plan and administrative manuals;

    • conducting base-line survey for rural and urban micro finance intervention;

    • evaluation of performance and impact of micro finance institutions;

    • training of credit officers and clients of micro finance institutions and conducting impacts thereof;

    • designing appropriate operational formats and other relevant documents needed for micro finance activities.

  • skill in providing business development services, enterprise analysis and business management training to micro, small, medium and large enterprises;

  • experience in strengthening the capacity of public, private and commercial service providers to deliver services that are demanded and paid for by business enterprises.

 Areas of Consultancy services   [top]                                                                            

  • credit and training impact assessment;

  • working modalities of Ethiopian micro finance institutions, banks and insurance companies;

  • sector-based market demand and supply study on textile, food, metal and woodwork products;

  • project feasibility studies for individual micro and small entrepreneurs, self-help associations and cooperatives;

  • financial needs assessment of urban and rural communities;

  • financial and administrative feasibility studies as well as sustainability issues of donor funded rural community projects;   

  • advise on development of self-help associations and cooperatives, preparation of bylaws and establishment of proper management systems for the same.

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