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History of OICE

Opportunities Industrialization Center - Ethiopia (OICE) is a non-profit indigenous NGO.  It was established in 1973 by a nucleus of concerned Ethiopians repre-senting leadership from various organiza-tions and the community.  It was first established with technical assistance from the Opportunities Industrialization Centers International (OICI), an US based NGO and initial funding from USAID.  Rev. Leon Sullivan, a renowned African American community leader and civil rights activist assisted the establishment of OICE along the model of the OIC centers that he had successfully established in over 80 urban centers in the USA.

Exploring digitized learning materials



The objective of OICE is to train unemployed, underemployed and unskilled individuals in various skills such as carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and electrical house wiring.  Tailor made training programs are also arranged to suite the needs of beneficiaries in other trades such as bakery, tailoring, weaving, pottery and others.

In addition to skills training, OICE offers several computer training and “ExtraLearning” programs that assist students in the development of their educational and job skills.  OICE is currently operating 2 training centers in Addis Ababa, one in Jimma, and one in Combolcha.  OICE programs are open to youth of all ages as well as community learners that wish to advance their vocational and/or educational abitilites.

The Center in Addis Ababa provides skills training in the building trades - i.e. carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and electrical house wiring.  Tailor made training programs are also arranged to suite the needs of beneficiaries in other trades such as bakery, tailoring, weaving, pottery and others.

Carpentry students in practice

Sources of Funding

OICE operates with the generous contributions made by internal and external donors:

  • Local Sources - national organizations, local private enterprises, and individuals.

  • Foreign Sources - OIC International, foreign government agencies, international agencies and communities, religious and humanitarian organizations.

Details of OIC - Ethiopia Training Program

The training programs are designed to provide the trainees with various training skills and manipulative skills, development of understanding informational content and development of personality traits and attitudes in the area of building construction.  The Center offers pre-vocational training for 5 months and vocational training in four fields for 7 months.  Presently, the areas of training are:

  • Carpentry - After the completion of the training, the trainees are able to: use measuring tools, do bench work, identify workable materials and perform repair and maintenance work.

  • Electrical House Wiring - After the completion of the program the trainees are able to: diagnose trouble in the electrical systems, install house wiring and repair electrical installations.

  • Masonry - After the completion of the program, trainees are capable of: doing bricklaying, stones foundation and concrete blocks, and perform repair and maintenance on buildings.

  • Plumbing - After the completion of the program, trainees can: install water and drainage systems according to specification and design, install pipes and fittings, do repair and maintenance work on water and sewage installations.

On-site nurse during counselling


Other OIC - Ethiopia Programs

Apart from its regular training programs, OICE, in partnership with governmental and non-governmental orgranizations, conducts short and medium term training programs in many areas of Ethiopia.  Examples are:

  • Dima training program for 923 Sudanese refugees in collaboration with UNHCR

  • Training of 55 young women in baker and tailoring in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy and the Regional Government of the SNNPR and the Office of Women’s Affairs.

  • Skills training in Somali, Gambella, Beneshangul-Gumuz, and the Afar Regions in collaboration with the Prime Ministser’s Office and the Regional Governments.

  • Skills training in Oromia Region in collaboration with the Oromia branch ESRDF.

OICE is proud to present to you a new approach to support individual education through the use of innovative computerized technologies that are tailored to the needs of each learner.  Developed in the US, this “ExtraLearning” System is the first of its kind not only in Ethiopia, but throughout Africa.

Theory and practice in masonry


The ExtraLearning Program includes:

Multimedia Library - hundreds of CR-ROMs, digital videos, internet links and computer animated programs that build the learner’s skills in various subjects while actively engaging the learner.

“Leap Frog” Learning System - utilizes interactive voice-automated books to improve comprehension of the English language at any level.

ExtraLearning Courses - tailored to the ability level of each student, these courses use printed and digital skills books, practice activities, CD-ROMs, internet links and automated tests to enhance the learners comprehension at their own pace.

Computer Training Program - learners can become proficient in various basic computer applications ranging from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Excel to others through supervised instruction.

Dr. Makonnen (50-51-60) or 
Ato Mulato (75-01-51)
email: tabgiday@telecom.net.et

webpage: www.bds-ethiopia.net/oice