Technical and Vocational Education and Training Network

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Technical and Vocational Education and Training Network


  • Create co-ordination among technical and vocational training providers

  • Avoid duplication of efforts and create better resource

  • Utilisation in the technical and vocational training fields so that the MSEs will be better served

  • To create corporate vocational training programme at national level which will benefit the MSE sector

  • For better experience sharing in the technical and vocational Fields

Fields of Intervention:

In the first networking workshop of technical and vocational training providers conducted on 4th of October, 2002 at Selam Technical and Vocational Center, Addis Ababa, the network was established and the following duties have been accomplished to go ahead:

  • Steering Committee comprising of the following organisations was established

    • FeMSEDA, as a co-ordinator

    • GTZ-TVET

    • Selam Technical and Vocational Center(Private)

    • NECAT Technical Training Center

    • Yemisirach Technical Center

    • Addis Ababa Trade, Industry and Tourism Bureau

  • An agreement has been arrived at to gather the necessaryinformation and prepare a short-term plan

  • Agreed to conduct periodical meetings and to proceed in accordance with the expected plan


Due consideration has been given to include governmental, non-governmental and private institutions as a member. The following organisations are the founding members:

01. Selam Technical and Vocational Center

02. Yemisirach Technical Center

03. Productivity Improvement Center

04. NECAT Technical Training Center

05. Gonder Handicapped Training Center

06. Jimma Technology Expansion Center


08. Amhara ReMSEDA

09. Oromia ReMSEDA

10. Tigray ReMSEDA

11. Addis Ababa Trade, Industry and Tourism Bureau

12. Agarfa Agricultural Training Center

13. Debre-Brihan Technical Training Center

14. Southern Region Trade, Industry and Tourism Bureau

15. Merha Tibeb Technical Training Center

16. Hope Enterprise Vocational Training Center

17. Federal Prison Office Technical Training Center


19. Ministry of Education (Technical and Vocational Department)

20. Educational Materials Production and Distribution Enterprise

21. Fetan Technical Training Center

22. Zewditu Tailor Training School


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