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Our address  top

Micro Enterprise Development Forum (MEDF)
P. O. Box 13047, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Telephone 251-1-668008
Email: medf@telecom.net.et


Vision and Mission top

MEDF is a network of NGOs and other organizations whose goal is empowering low-income micro enterprise or informal sector operators to acquire a better livelihood.  Hence, our vision is to see a “decent and sustainable livelihood for the poor”.

Guided by our vision of decent and sustainable livelihood for the poor our mission is to reduce poverty and inequality through capacity building and participation of institutions engaged in various micro enterprise development activities.

The network is lead by a Coordinating Committee composed of the managing directors of the following five indigenous NGOs:

1.    Organization for Women in Self Employment (WISE)

2.    Pro Pride Secretariat

3.    ProGynist Member

4.    Women Aid Ethiopia Member

5.    Organization for the Rehabilitation of Girls


Goals and Objectives  top


Our goal is poverty reduction to achieve sustainable livelihood for poor women and men surviving by means of informal economic activities.


Specific objectives:

  • Identify problems and seek appropriate solutions on policy and institutional framework issues affecting the common interest of members’ in particular and micro enterprise development institutions in general.

  • Build members’ knowledge and information in micro enterprise development.

  • Develop training programs to improve membership capacity in micro enterprise development support services.

  • Promote the micro enterprise development activities of member organizations.

  • Build grassroots (micro enterprises) capacity in advocacy and lobbying.

  • Establish linkage and cooperation with other networks related to micro enterprise development.

  • Promote linkage and cooperation between members and other NGOs, government agencies and private sector institutions.

  • Provide support to members to be proactive in the National Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRSP) process.

  • Disseminate information and organize discussion forums on new and changing approaches and methods of promoting micro enterprises.

Description of our key activities  top

1.   Research and advocacy on specific issues of common concern in micro enterprise development.

  • Identify research questions on issues of micro enterprise development for advocacy.

  • Organize awareness creation, sensitization or brain storming workshops on advocacy issues.

  • Conduct studies on issues identified for advocacy and lobbying purposes.

  • Organize workshops, seminars or panel discussions on issues identified or studied in advocacy.

  • Establish or participate in consultative committees or working groups serving advocacy purposes.

  • Represent members’ common views on various poverty reduction, capacity building, etc. meetings, seminars, panel discussions and conferences.

2.   Exchange of information, knowledge, skills and experiences.

  • Publishing periodic newsletter.

  • Publishing members' directory, organizational or project profiles.

  • Develop case studies.

  • Organize workshops or seminars on case studies.

  • Establish micro enterprise information and documentation center.

  • Organize exposure tours, cross visits and study visits.

3. Database development for micro enterprise promotion.

  • Database on members’ organizational profile.

  • Profile of non-member organizations and networks related to micro enterprise development.

  • Profile of micro enterprise development programs and projects of member organizations.

  • Training programs and other relevant services of the MEDF.

4.  Developing implementing and evaluating generic training programs.

  • Identify the training and development needs of member organizations that can come under their common needs and can bring synergy as well.

  • Developing or adapting training materials in business management, leadership, strategic management, project planning, etc.

  • Organize trainer development programs.

  • Promoting, implementation and institutionalization of training programs in member organization.

  • Monitoring, evaluation and impact evaluation of training programs developed or implement by MEDF.

5.  Promoting linkage and cooperation with other networks related to micro enterprise development.

  • Develop contacts with local and international micro enterprise related networks.

  • Developing consultative mechanisms.

  • Initiate joint collaborative activities.

  • Exchange publications.

6.  Promoting the Forum

  • Organize or participate in promotional events that can serve the collective interest of members and their clients.

  • Facilitate grassroots micro enterprises participation in trade fairs and exhibitions.

  • Participate in public events by representing member organizations.

  • Prepare and distribute promotional materials such as posters, flyers, brochures and leaflets and other publicity materials related MEDF's objectives and activities.

  • Recruitment of new member organizations.

  • Conducting fund raising activities.

  • Organizational development activities.

Critical Issues and Strategies  top

The Forum selected key sets of actions that will help to fulfill the stated mission statement.

1. Systemic and Integrated approaches.

2. Enhancing gender sensitivity in programs, projects and activities.

3. Pursuing partnership in micro enterprise development.

4. Building the knowledge base.


Membership Organizations  top

  1. Abebech Gobena Orphanage and Schools, P.O. Box 24998, Addis Ababa

  2. Africa Development Aid Association (ADAA), P.O. Box 100061, Addis Ababa

  3. Alem Children Support Organization (ACSO),P. O. Box 12280,Addis Ababa

  4. ASSER MFI, P. O. Box 5683, Addis Ababa

  5. Berhan Integrated Community Development Organization (BICDO), P.O. Box 9310, Addis Ababa

  6. Charity Development Association (CDA), Addis Ababa

  7. CHILDREN AID ETHIOPIA, P.O. Box 5854, Addis Ababa

  8. Christian Children Fund Inc. (CCF), P.O. Box 5545, Addis Ababa

  9. Concern Ethiopia, P. O. Box 2434, Addis Ababa

  10. Dorcas Aid International, P.O .Box 8989, Addis Ababa

  11. ESHET MFI, Addis Ababa

  12. Ethiopian Aid, P. O. Box 101992, Addis Ababa

  13. Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat, P.O. Box 2454, Addis Ababa

  14. Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY), P.O. Box 2087, Addis Ababa

  15. Ethiopian Rural Self Help Association, P.O. Box 102367, Addis Ababa

  16. Farm Africa, P.O. Box 5746, Addis Ababa

  17. Feed the Children Ethiopia, P.O. Box 5683, Addis Ababa

  18. Goh Family Welfare Development Association, P.O. Box 16714, Addis Ababa

  19. Harari Relief and Development Association, P.O. Box 26359, Addis Ababa

  20. Hope for Rural Children and Orphans (HORCO), P.O. Box 14225, Addis Ababa

  21. Jerusalem Association Children's Homes Central Office, P.O. Box 41742, Addis Ababa

  22. Kembata Women Self Help Center (KMG), P. O. Box 13438, Addis Ababa

  23. Mary Joy Aid Through Development, P.O. Box 12939, Addis Ababa

  24. Organization for Women in Self Employment  (WISE), P.O. Box 19933, Addis Ababa

  25. Oromo Self Reliance Association (OSRA), P.O. Box 13283, Addis Ababa

  26. Plan International, P.O. Box 12677, Addis Ababa

  27. Pro Gynist, P. O. Box 34069, Addis Ababa

  28. Pro Pride, P.O. Box 13047, Addis Ababa

  29. Rift Valley Women and Children Development Association (RCWDA), P.O. Box 12916, Addis Ababa

  30. Specialized Financial and Promotional Institution, P.O. Box 10689, Addis Ababa

  31. Venus United Humanitarian Organization, P.O. Box 13101, Addis Ababa

  32. Women Aid Ethiopia, P.O. Box 12644, Addis Ababa

  33. Women and Children Development Organization, P.O. Box 12796, Addis Ababa



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