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Establishment: Link- Net is a private Company established in the year 2003 in Bahir Dar town to provide:

  • Media promotion

  • Advertising

  • Business and marketing information supply

  • Public relation works to its customers. In reference to the National Trade Regulation and rules.

We have a legal certificate and registration to undertake medial and advertising activates. 


We are a promotion and advertising private company
dealing with various media and advertising services


 Our Vision  [top]

Our vision is to provide modern as well as reliable media and advertising services and facilitate information exchange between institutions, local and central government administration, investors and business community in general.


 Objective  [top]

Link-Net is established to provide modern as well as reliable media and advertising services and facilitate information exchange between institutions, local and central government administrations, investors and the business community in general.  



 Our Commitment  [top]

A/ Sustainable services in the domain of our company

  • Regular issuance of publications

  • Publishing, printing and Editorial services

  • Preparation of media and documentary films

  • Translation and secretarial services

  • Information and communication services such as Internet access, Web-Site design and Tele- Center.

B/ To Provide superior quality services for

  • Publication and Audio- Visual Graphics

  • Journal, Brochure Leaf-lets, Logos, Posters, address cards and quick advertising questions

  • Quick responses to any call of our customers on the services we committed to deliver.

C/ To be accountable and reliable

  • We are committed and dedicated to your specialized need


 Office facilities  [top]
  • Center for publication and audio-visual graphics

  • Two conference rooms with a capacity to 200 and 40 persons, with the required equipments

  • Internet café

  • Photocopy and secretarial service  

  • Tell center


 Major services  [top]
  • Advertising through the Media Channels
    • TV, radio and news letters

    • Documentary film production

    • Preparation of minutes and similar documents electronically 

    • Preparation of annual directory  

    • Rendering production and service advertisement

    • Mini - Media   

  • Advertising by the demonstrative tools via
    • Billboards; Banners; Digital screen

    • Silk screen printer (T- Shirts) Caps engraving on different materials

    • Forum and publics square decoration and other related activities.

  • Promotion
    • Expo and Trade Fairs; Exhibition

    • Entertainment and Leisure activities  (Sports, Touring, Festivals)  

  • Publication
    • Graphics and editing;

    • Posters; Journals; Brochures; Leaflet; Logos

    • Business and Invitation Cards  

  • Public Relation and Documentation
    • Translation

    • Documentation compiling and minutes preparation through facilitating two ways communication discussion

    • Responding to any formal and legal training inquiry forwarded to Link-Net media promotion

  • Information Communication
    • Webpages design

    • Internet Service

  • Record of past performance
    • Publishing of the news paper “Blue Nile”

    • Editing and publishing Journals

    • Producing and editing documentary films

    • Designing and installing billboards and banners 

  • Supply of:
    • Designed, produced and installed documentations, public relation works. Translation and secretarial services are regularly disseminated to our regular customers.

Currently we are publishing a newsletter entitled “ Blue Nile” . The newspaper has special columns on economic, social, and recreational issues. Advertisement and information dissemination is also being practical.



 Major clients of Link-Net  [top]
  • Regional Government Bureaus

    • Bureau of Micro and Small Enterprise and Industry Development, Bureau of Information, Office of Rural Energy Promotion, Tourism Commission, Investment Office and etc…

    • Micro and Small Enterprise Development Programme (MSEDP)

  • Non Governmental Organizations

    • Organization Rehabilitation Development for Amhara, (ORDA) Amhara Credit and Saving Institution (ACSI),  Amhara Development Association (ADA)

    • HIV/AIDS secretariat, Family Health International (Fhi) UNICEF, Ant Malarial Association (AMA) Intra Health - Harge Project, Gtz, Rural water supply and environmental programme Amhara region (RWSEP)

    • Ethiopia Youth Male Christian Association (YMCA)

    • Amhara Youth Association (AYA) Women Lawyers Association, & etc 

  • Private Sector

    • Industry: - Guder Agro Industry, Poly Industrial, Breweries

    • Importers and Exporters (Ambasel Trading House PLC, Robit International Business Group…)  

    • Services Delivery Enterprise (Health centers, Educational Institution (St. Jone Clinic, Paragon College, DB Consulting Architects and Urban Planners and etc…)

    • Furniture’s and Computer supply and Sales Agent  (Milan Furniture, Vision Computer




Link-Net Media Promotion and Advertising PLC.
P.O.Box 540 Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Tel. ++251-8- 20 78 79

Fax ++251-8- 20 89 47
E-mail: linknet@telecom.net.et
Webpage: www.bds-ethiopia.net/link-net