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 Jira Jebessa


 Personal data                                                          


Jira Jebessa

Field of Study: MA Degree in Economics

Nationality: Ethiopian

P.O. Box 426 Code 1250, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel: ++251-1-613313 (Office) or Mobile ++251-9-811977







 Major experience  [top]                                                                                                

  • Served as Programme Officer for more than 3 years in Ethio-German Micro and Small Enterprise Development Project:

    • Actively participated in facilitating and organizing various micro and small enterprise promotional workshops  

    • Conducted several Business Development Service training Programmes

    • Contributed in gathering and organizing data for the development of Ethiopian

    • Business Development Services Webpage (

    • Involved in the preparation of different booklets which are very helpful for the Promotion of the micro and small enterprise sector (MSEs)

    • Assisted the partner organizations in capacity building/management

    • Participated in different experience sharing study tour programmes conducted abroad with respect to MSE promotion

    • Advised and counseled the experts of the partner institutions in rendering business development services

  • Served for about 21/2 years as a Coordinator of Regional Micro and Small Enterprises Development Agency:

    • Developed and adopted the regional MSE promotional strategy

    • Prepared the organizational structure of the Regional Agency with the necessary job description

    • Coordinated the design and implementation of various business development services

    • Produced concept papers and made presentations in a workshop

    • Developed links and contacts with other MSE promotional organizations

    • Organized and facilitated entrepreneurship training programmes

    • Organized regional experience sharing programmes

    • Attended various relevant short-term training programmes in the area of MSE promotion

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