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Jethro Management Consultancy-service is a privately owned enterprise established in March 7, 2002. The owner and manager of the firm, Ato Hatewold Zergaw, founded the firm after nine years
of experience in public micro,
small and medium enterprise development programs.

Giving a guide to participants
of CEFE ebtrepreneurship training


Jethro Management Consultancy-service focuses on services for start-ups and existing micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The services are offered in urban and rural areas of Ethiopia.

Jethro Management Consultancy-service offers training in the area of 

  • Business Management

  • Co-operative Management

  • Farm Entrepreneurship

  • Training of Enterprise Trainers

The purpose of the training is to introduce basic business concepts and leadership principles to enterprise owners, employees, co-operatives and community based organization leaders. Jethro is a commercial private enterprise with an excellent price for value ratio.




Introduction to CEFE
entrepreneurship training

Products offered by Jethro Management Consultancy-services

The consulting firm uses several internally recognized training programs such as

  • CEFE (Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprises) supported by the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

  • IYB (Improve Your Business) and SYB (Start Your Business) supported by International Labor Organization (ILO)

  • (BBS) Basic Business Skills prepared by Ethiopian MSE specialists and implemented by numerous NGOs

  • (GMT) Grassroots Management supported by Women’s Affairs Office in collaboration with World Bank

  • Saving and Credit Concept based on concepts of the Grameen Bank

  • (TET) Training of Enterprise Trainers supported by FEMSEDA in cooperation with UNIDO

  • Farm Entrepreneurship developed by Jethro Management Consultancy-service and its associates

  • Leadership Management adapting international concepts to the specific needs of Ethiopia

Major Achievements

Up to now, the manager of the firm has offered its services to the following international and local clients:

  • CEFE training for micro-operators sponsored by the GTZ-reintegration program

  • CEFE training for micro-operators  sponsored by Redd Barna-Ethiopia

  • Several business management trainings for the target groups of A.C.O.R.D Shashemene

  • Training of unemployed youth in Region 14 Project Office for the Creation of Small Scale Business  Opportunities (sponsored by the Ethiopian Social and Rehabilitation Development Fund)

  • IYB business management training in different Zonal Administrations of Amhara Region (sponsored by SIDA)

  • Saving and credit, leadership and CEFE training on behalf of the Forum on Street Children Ethiopia at Dessie

  • CEFE training for Christian Children Fund (CCF) Arada

  • Farm Entrepreneurship Training offered in Dessie and Debremarkos (sponsored by RELMA, a Swedish organization based in Kenya)

  • Training for women entrepreneur association sponsored by IIRR in collaboration with WAD of the Ministry of Trade and Industry

  • CEFE training on behalf of Menschen fuer Menschen at Babile and Derra

  • CEFE training sponsored by ILO, WEDGE Ethiopia

  • CEFE training offered in Lideta and Merkato area for micro operators

Thousands of operators and potential entrepreneurs have been trained through the above mentioned training measures and appreciated the offered services.



Future Plans

Jethro Management Consultancy-services intends to offer the following services in the near future:

  • Training on gender issues

  • Community empowerment

  • Impact assessment studies

  • Business feasibility studies


Getting appreciation gift from trainees

Jethro Management Consultancy-service

Hatewold Zergaw
Lideta Kifle Ketema kebele
P.O. Box 42985 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel. 53 37 78/ 50 07 32
Mobile 09 24 72 46/ 09 63 51 41
e-mail: jethro@telecom.net.et

web-page: www.bds-ethiopia.net/jethro