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Fantahun Melles


 Personal data                                                          

Fantahun Melles

Economist (MSc) - CEFE Entrepreneurship Trainer

Business Management and Development Consultant

Nationality: Ethiopian

P.O.Box: 11133, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Tel: 00 251 1 290203

Mobile: 00 251 9 244270





 Key Qualifications  [top]                                                                                               

  • Private Sector Development

  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion

  • Micro Finance Development

  • Organizational Development and Networking

  • Market research and development

  • BDS facilitation (BDS product design, development and delivery)

  • Entrepreneurship Training of Trainers (CEFE and others)

  • Project engineering and management

  • Development planning and Business management Consultancy

  • Economic research

 Major Works Done   [top]                                                                                              

  • Prepared 11 manuals and guiding booklets for institutions involved in Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE) promotion and private sector development

  • Developed impact monitoring & evaluation system for the GTZ-MSE Development Program and Partner Organizations

  • Initiated and co-coordinated MSE promotion by supporting MSE Development Agencies, chambers, associations, NGOs, and private training and other BDS providers in the areas of BDS design and delivery, organizational development as well as Networking of MSE promotional institutions.

  • Coordinated and managed such activities like personnel management, finance and technical expertise in the institutions where I served as Head/Director/Chairman

  • Extensively worked in the areas of micro enterprise development for poverty reduction and private sector small enterprise development initiatives with special focus on women entrepreneurship development

  • Worked as a moderator for GTZ -IFO-LUSO consortium on Micro & Small Enterprises Development strategy

  • Conducted a Micro finance Bank Establishment Study for ACORD Ethiopia for the town of Shashemene

  • Negotiated an investment loan contract with the European Investment Bank in 1996 in Luxembourg

  • Coordinated & led a team of experts for an Investment Opportunity Study conducted in North Western Ethiopia in 1990.

  • Worked as counter part for the World Bank Mission in 1989 and with other international experts on areas of policy, program & project formulations

  • Coordinated and promoted the businesses of some public enterprises

  • Promotion and Regulation of the Trade & Industry Sector of the Amhara Region

  • Promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development

  • Budget Preparation & Foreign Exchange Allocation

  • Tender Preparation & Contract Negotiation

  • Project Identification, Preparation, Appraisal and Implementation

 Publications   [top]                                                                                                       

  • Published 11 manuals relevant for entrepreneurship development and business management together with international experts on behalf of the GTZ and GFA Management (Hamburg) published by the EBDSN, 2004. These booklets are:

    • Start and Improve Your Business

    • Loan Conditions of Commercial Banks and MFI in Ethiopia

    • Trade Fair and Export Guide

    • Marketing Strategies

    • Accounting and Cost Calculation Manual

    • Investment Guide for Ethiopia

    • Improve Your Business Association

    • How to Write a Business Plan

    • Standard and Quality in Ethiopia

    • Taxation in Ethiopia

    • Demand Driven Business Development Services (BDS)

  • Potentials and Constraints of the Ethiopian MSE Sector, 2004

  • The Experience of GTZ in MSE Development in Ethiopia, 2003

  • Critical Reflection of GTZ Programs for Economic Development & Employment Promotion in Ethiopia, 2001, Addis Ababa

  • Informal Financial Institutions: Impact Analysis of ACORDís Credit Intervention through Iddirs in Dire Dawa, 1999,Addis Ababa

  • Impact of the Amhara Micro Credit Program on Welfare of the beneficiaries, 1999, Addis Ababa University, A.A

  • Experiences of the Micro Enterprise Program of the Amhara Region, 1998,
    Bahir Dar

  • Micro & Small Enterprise Development Strategy & the Basics of Small Industry, 1997,Bahir Dar

  • The Role of Small Businesses and the Rationale for their Promotion, 1997,
    Bahir Dar

  • Programs of Investment Promotion in Region 3, 1995,Bahir DarProject Management, 1994,Bahir Dar

  • Prospects and Constraints of Industrial Project Implementation in Ethiopia, 1992,University of Bradford, U.K

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