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The word EMPRETEC is a Spanish acronym for emprendadores (entrepreneur) and technologia (technology).


EMPRETEC means technology based Enterprise development.  It is integrated entrepreneurship & innovation capacity building program



Address  [top]

Executive committee members

1. Dr. Werrotaw Bezabih  (President) Tel 09-407753/517871

2. Tamiru Kebede (Vice President) 51 11 88/89

3. Tsegaye Geda (Secretary) 09-212045/603577

4. Rahel Mekuria (Treasurer)

5. Andualem Tegegn 09-253321/ 518240

6. Afework Yohannes 09-242303/ 655687

7. Helina Tefera 09-219353


Tel. 00251-1-562671

Fax: 00251-1-654583

P.O.Box: 6368 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

E-mail:  nileincome@telecom.net.et



1.  Objectives  [top]

  • Organize forums to enable members to discuss on common business issues and share ideas.

  • By preparing and disseminating magazines, newsletters, researches, help members to benefit from the information and have strong bond among themselves.

  • Serve as a linkage point & create contact with government institutions, local & international organizations, financial institutions to support members get solutions for their financial problems.

  • Teach and create awareness to every citizen and entrepreneurs how to be detached from traditional way of doing things and enter into production or service by focusing on creativity and do things based on researches and in an organized way, will help build the business and the country’s economy.

  • Support & advise small entrepreneurs who are already in business and those who would like to enter into a business to improve on their entrepreneurial competencies.

  • Create network, for mutual benefit, with similar EMPRETEC Associations created regionally and internationally.

  • Find ways to create awareness and to develop the concept of enterprise and entrepreneurship development to bring a change in the society’s and stakeholders’ attitudes through training, seminars, conferences, etc.

  • Inform the society through exhibition, films, seminars, etc. about the objectives, programs and activities of EMPRETEC Ethiopia Business Society.  So that people will understand the importance of entrepreneurship development to build the country’s economy and improve the life of the people.


2.  Establishment  [top]

Though, the history of establishment of EMPRETEC Ethiopia with the support of UNDP goes back to January 28,1996, its operation was curtailed about a year after its establishment due to reasons beyond its control.  Entrepreneurship development trainees came together and reconstituted the association & started operation on Feb.15, 2001


3.  Organizationl structure  [top]

EBS has general assembly, executive committee, sub-committees and chapter associations in regions.


4.  Vision  [top]

To create a vibrant private sector so as to build the country’s economy.


5.  Membership  [top]

  • Only those who have successfully completed the entrepreneurship development training at any part of the world can be regular members.

  • Those who can support the objectives of the association and are wiling to contribute in the form of idea, finance and material can be associate or honorary members as the case may be.

6.  Source of income  [top]

  • Membership fee & contribution,

  • Sponsorship,

  • Donation


Members of EEBS  [top]

Mr. Afework Yohannes

Organization- BCaD-Consulting Management

Main Service- Consults Small Business Management 

Tel. 655687

Fax. 661997

P.O.Box- 11149

E-mail- bcad@telecom.net.et


Mr. Abdulwahab Mohammed      

Progress Garment Factory

Tel. 460917

Fax. 460857

P.O.Box 18179



Mr. Abera Bedru

Ethiopian Management Institute

Tel. 454145

Fax. 453611

P.O.Box 51



Mr. Aberaham Amsalu

Saron Resturant

Tel. 611933

P.O.Box. 250


Mr. Abnier Moges

Pelican General Trading

Tel. 567394/95

P.O.Box 23536



Mr. Abraham Tarekegn

Kaller Jewellery Plc.

Tel. 556405

P.O.Box 25002



Mr. Ahadu G/Amlak


Tel. 09/232126

P.O.Box 18608



Mr.Ahmed Abdurahaman

CPU College

Tel. 774725

P.O.Box 32672



Mr. Alemayehu Yehune

Unity College

Tel. 124579

P.O.Box 20128


Mrs.Alganesh Berhe


Tel. 624548

P.O.Box 40699


Mr. Ahmed Hussien (Dr.)


Tel. 613297

P.O.Box 33465



Mr. Ameha Tefferi

Nib Insurance S.c

Tel. 528194

Fax. 528193

P.O.BOx. 285



Mr. Andualem Tegegne

Chamber Of Commerce


Mr. Anliye Gelaye


Tel. 626418

P.O.Box 7719



Mr. Aschalew Bacha


Tel. 626418


Mr. Asnaku Hassen

Ethiopian Export Promotion Agency

Tel. 504160

P.O.Box 6945


Mr. Atsede Assefa (Dr.)

Unity College

Tel. 09/225673

P.O.Box 56388


Mr. Ayele Moltotal

Tel. 515734

P.O.Box 2726


Beyene Mekonnen

Nile Industrial & Commercial Plc.

Tel. 661444/45

P.O.Box 8994



Bulbula Tulle

Hawas Agri - Business Plc.

Tel. 65-22-51

P.O.Box 34187


Daniel Daffo

Daffodil General Trading

Tel. 152386

Fax 513878

P.O.Box 6177



Bisrat Alemayehu

Wallia Tannery Plc.

Tel. 422367

Fax 421777

P.O.Box 8187



Brook Assefa

Brook Assefa Construction 

Tel. 09/212799

P.O.Box 19440


Beza Yegezu

SAMBEZ General Trading Plc.

Tel. 164710

P.O.Box 14105



Binyam Kebede


Tel. 602941

P.O.Box 62293



Belay Kebede

BEST Insurance

Tel. 519248

P.O.Box 41866

Bekele Tsegaye

Bekas Chemiclas Plc.

Tel. 457754

Fax. 460960

P.O.Box 33607



Daniel Demesse

Tel. 09/248801

P.O.Box 15304

D2 Consult-Advertising



Getahun Girma

Uniliver Ethiopia Plc.

Tel. 665025

P.O.Box 40067



Himanot W/Tasdik

Tel. 711935

P.O.Box 32672


Hussien Feyssa


Tel. 564640

P.O.Box 4411



Habtamu Aklilu

Wagtec Ethiopia

Tel. 516846



Helina Tefera

Tefera Promotion And Entertainment Plc.

Tel. 631873/74

Fax 613256

P.O.Box 1633 Code 1100



Girma Seyoum

Africa Business And Development Consultants

Tel. 550693

P.O.Box 4778


H/ Sellassie Tege

United Consultancey House

Tel. 09/233369

P.O.Box 25952/1000



Germa Muleta

Addisu Quick Publicity Service

Tel. 614470

Fax 614419

P.O.Box 23194/ 1000


Baharu Awol

Gaaiar Enterprise (Blue Nile Tannery Plc.)

Tel. 161817

P.O.Box 9339


Bekele G/Hiwot

Modern Zege Leather Products Industry

Tel. 157279

P.O.Box 1035



Etefa Djote

Etefa Djote General Import And Export

Tel. 112170

Fax 620128

P.O.Box 8204


Mengesha H/Melekot

Chubo Ukuna Agro - Industrial Plc.

Tel. 620552

P.O.Box 11750


Meserte Belihu

Ras Amba Hotel

Tel. 556634

P.O.Box 34063



Matiwos Haile

Abay Tannery

Tel. 625911

Fax 625909

P.O.Box 924



Melaku Alemayehu

Wallia Tannery Plc.

Tel. 422367

P.O.Box 8187



Lemma Besha

Ethiopian Women Development Fund

Tel. 620552

P.O.Box 100824



Dula Beshir

Sadula Trading

Tel. 625584

P.O.Box 119



Eyasu Tesfu

IMAGE International Plc.

Tel. 505152

P.O.Box 80766



Fesha Abegaz

Shalome Plc.

Tel. 450969

P.O.Box 22861 CODE 1000


Demise Belay

Yekombolcha Wine Hotel

Tel. 753785

P.O.Box 9469


Emodish Seyum

Megenagna Higher Clinic 

Tel. 626378

P.O.Box 11109


Endalekachw Tariku

Tariku Tassew & Sons Plc.

Tel. 751747

P.O.Box 21755


Negussie Alemu


Tel. 09/212781

P.O.Box 8220


Seid Kassea

Electolux Import And SEKA Coffe Export

Tel. 564298

P.O.Box 50482

Getachew Biratu

G.G Royal Business Center

Main Service- Hotel

Fax 293123

P.O.Box 24497


Getachew Yoseph

Enterprise Ethiopia

Tel. 182603

P.O.Box 1674 / 1110


Belen Moges

Pelican General Trading

Tel. 567394/95

P.O.Box 23536



Hussien Ambo

H.A General Import - Export & Commisiom Agent 

Tel. 294060

P.O.Box 13385



Daniel Wondimu

Waryt Mulu Tela International Plc.

Tel. 611744

P.O.Box 100023



Ermias Bekele

Genuine Leather Craft Plc.

Tel. 531894

P.O.Box 2218


Luladit Yerdaw

Tel. 120341

P.O.Box 30207


Ketema Samuel

Enterprise Ethiopia

Tel. 627823

Fax 627805

P.O.Box 18440



Tafessework Worku

Dashen Bank

Tel. 181070

Fax 653037

P.O.Box 23687


Tariku Bisrat

Untiy College

Tel. 294172

P.O.Box 122012


Tayu Araya

Unity College

Tel. 261401

P.O.Box 5300


Elias Kebede

Tel. 157338

P.O.Box 25578



Elias Bogale

Kokeb Shoe Factory

Tel. 203358

P.O.Box 50024



Kinfe Hagose


Tel. 518084

Fax 514288

P.O.Box 704



Telila Befekadu

Waryt Mulu Tela International Plc.

Tel. 09/221109

P.O.Box 23988



Temesgen Zewde

General Leather Goods Maker

Tel. 154374

P.O.Box 100143

Tersit Neway

Ethiopian Women Development Fund

Tel. 114740

P.O.Box 2418


Tesfaye Beyene

Jamaica Shoe Factory

Main Service - Footwear manufacturing

Tel. 564280

Fax. 553714

P.O.Box 26430



Tesfaye Yigletu


Main Service- Photographing

Tel. 625639

P.O.Box 23129


Tewodros Dersuma

Ras Amba Hotel

Tel. 556635/36



Tiruwork Chaka

EYA Importer Distributer

General Manager

Tel. 513297

P.O.Box 7218


Tiruwork Wakeyo

Tel. 154936

P.O.Box 24087


Kasahun Zewde

Ethiopian Insurance Corporation

Tel. 152338

P.O.Box 9414


Mulatwa Beyene

Seme Dene Shoes Shop

Tel. 771897

P.O.Box 26403


Webalem Taye

Information Technology Solution

Tel. 562575

Fax. 562672

P.O.Box 5387



Worku Abebe

Omo Valley Needy Childern & Women Dev't Association

Tel. 09/202210

P.O.Box 9800


Worotaw Bezabih (Dr.)

Hebre Birhan Plc.

Tel. 517871

P.O.Box 101728



Yared Girma

Tel. 09/238197

Fax 523767

P.O.Box 31833


Yegele Reta

Tel. 125535

P.O.Box 22041


Yenework Endeshaw

News Corner

Tel. 529187

P.O.Box 32820


Yetenayet Abebe (Dr.)

Chemtex Plc.

Main Service- Import of 2nd -X Chemicals

Tel. 534380

P.O.Box 7147



Yeworkwoha Assefa

Ethiopian Insurance Corporation

Tel. 152338

P.O.Box 9414


Zelalem Hagos

Hagos Jewellery

Tel. 09/205084

P.O.Box 4550



Israel Kassa

Africa Beza College

Tel. 523227

Fax 523230

P.O.Box 40608



Sendu Abebe

P. Consultants

Tel. 556693

Fax 756366

P.O.Box 40563



Teday Worku

Matix General Trading

Tel. 09/225221

P.O.Box 7233



Tegaye Geda

Nile Industrial And Commercial Plc.

Tel. 09/212045

P.O.Box 8994



Tehaye Belayneh

Dolina Import & Export

Tel. 517090

P.O.Box 13463



Mikiyas Hailu

Miki's Fashion Planet

Tel. 09/201832

P.O.Box 827 CODE 1110



Selamawit Demessie

UNI Furniture

Tel. 09/404809

Fax 712425

P.O.Box 70100



Zelalem Kinde

Kinaff Leather Works

Tel. 751883

P.O.Box 2685


Rahel Mekuriya

British Council

Tel. 550022

P.O.Box 1043


Tamiru Kebede

Devlopment Bank

Tel. 511188

P.O.Box 1900


Desalegn Abraham

Bethel International Trading Enterprise

Tel. 502879

P.O.Box 16244



Mulu Solomon

Almeta Impex

Tel. 534222

P.O.Box 1293



Sahlu Haile

Ethiopian Women Development Fund

Tel. 651912

P.O.Box 100824


Moges Mekonnen

Ethiopian Insurance Corporation

Tel. 152338

P.O.Box 15726


Samuel Mulugeta

Kasma Engineering Plc.

Tel. 290564

P.O.Box 100811



Samia Abdulkadir

SAHA General Trading Plc.

Main Service- Import/export & Cosmetic Shop

Tel. 09/220696

Fax. 138802

P.O.Box 50324



Achameyelesh Ashenafi

Koni Business Center

Tel. 627055

Fax 631383

P.O.Box 31667



Addis Adugna

Africa Beza College

Tel. 09/226718

P.O.Box 12047



Adera Abdela

Africa Village

Tel. 710259

P.O.Box 70099


Adonias Lisanework

Blue Art Promotion

Tel. 611961

P.O.Box 3608


Abera Mulat

Abera Garment

Tel. 403615/16



Yonas Duguma

DH Geda

Tel.  09/242134



Ehte Bekele

Tel. 720321

P.O.Box 101728


Munir Khalid

Electric World Plc.

Tel. 09/220147

Fax 553989

P.O.Box 50030



Seblewengel Assefa

Maccfa Transit Plc.

Tel. 564013

P.O.Box 21879



Berehanu Sisay (Dr.)

Unity University College

Tel. 232481

P.O.Box 1167


Surafel Eshetu

Surafel Customs Clearing

Tel. 09/223715

P.O.Box 6274


Mulugeta Kabtyemer

Unity College

Tel. 293433

P.O.Box 21258


Sete Abebe

Joy Leather

Tel. 09/213653

Fax 551511

P.O.Box 22041


Dawit Dejene

TDS Travel And Tour Agency

Tel. 610057/83

Fax 621738

P.O.Box 15246


Dawit Moges

MA Thermo Plastic Plc.

Tel. 340107

Fax. 341021

P.O.Box 4787



Solomon Assefa

Asheten Pharmacy

Main Service - Pharmacy

Tel. 539052

P.O.Box 10899



Tadesse Biru (Dr.)

Unity college

Tel. 290276

P.O.Box 6722



Solomon Wole

Enterprise Ethiopia

Tel. 611425

P.O.Box 1674 CODE 1110



Tigeste Taddess


P.O.Box- 2418

Tel. 114740


Shisema Shewaneka

The United Consultancy House Plc.

Main Service- Accounting closing, Tax advice, Management consultancy

Tel. 537575

P.O.Box- 25952 Code 1000



Berhanu Menkir

Ethiopian Insurance Company

Main service- Insurance

Tel. 520544

Fax. 505055

P.O.Box- 1167


Wondosen Teshome

Impact Education Study Center

Main Service- Tutorial Service

Tel. 459555

P.O.Box- 28509



Geremew Shewaye (Deacon)

KANA Family and community development

Tel. 483362

P.O.Box- 1383


Rahel Sahalu

YALENN Commercial

Tel. 667247

P.O.Box- 475 Code 1100



Tirsit Neway

V.T and P.S

Main Service - Vocational Training

Tel. 114740

P.O.Box- 2418


Teklu Biratu

Miki House H.E

Tel. 09/217214

Fax. 770110



Mebrat Nemariyam

Enterprise Ethiopia

Tel. 627823

Fax. 627805

P.O.Box. 1674 Code 1110



Munir Khalid

Electric World Plc.

Tel. 09/220147

Fax. 553989

P.O.Box. 50030