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Welcome to the Web Page provided by DANAET Broker Agency.  This agency is the only broker agency that provides a legal broker service to all customers around Mekelle town in Tigrai region.

Customer satisfaction is our motto.

Donít hesitate to contact us in case you need to have a simplified fast and reliable way to get things.


The DANAET Broker Team

Services provided

The current activities that Danaet Broker Agency is engaged in are:

  •  House brokerage for sale and rent

  • Care and Furniture brokerage for sale and rent

  • Employment exchange

  • Consultancy on agreements

  • Making debates between sellers and buyers or enable people
    to communicate in their daily needs as a whole.

In action



DANET Broder Agency was established on 26th of August 1999.  Danaet is the name assigned to the organization on the basis of the first letters of the names of one family member. 

Danet has about 120 basic customers from different governmental and non governmental organizations.  The area of our service coverage is limited to Tigrai region for the time being and is expected to widen its service area to the whole country in the near future.



The vision and hope of Danaet Broker Agency in short is to be an organization which has a global and worldwide network in the work of joining people apart but in need of one another in addition to their wants.



The mission of the organization is:

  • To give its customers a service that it fast, and reliable in the way they need by expanding its communication channels and to make the organization profitable in the field.

  • Customer satisfaction is the main measurement of our success, so we are always working toward the satisfaction of our potential users.

Core Values

Our organization, Danaet Broker agency, believes that a customer is a king.  Here is the starting point of our services to our beloved customers.  Danaet believes that a customer is the most important ever in work area.

Politeness, Respect, Patience, Honesty are the our identity towards our customers.  So, donít hesitate to get the service you need. 

We believe in the following terms:

A customer is not dependent on us... but we are dependent on him.

We do for

  •  meet need profitably

  • Find wants and fulfill them

  • We love our customers not our service or our products.


Future plan:

Planned to provide short term training to its employees so as to provide a better service to its customers. Danet has a plan to expand its business through out the country.  Its first ultimate objective and plan is:

  • To open a head quarter in Addis Ababa & contact international brokers to get internationally accepted brokerage service.

  • To open branch in those countries who have the shortage of human labor & create opportunities to job seekers.


DANAET Broker Agency

behind Mekelle Municipality Pharmacy
P.O.Box 934 Mekelle, Ethiopia
Tel. ++251-4-404380 or 407935
E-Mail: danaetba@yahoo.com
Website: www.bds-ethiopia.net/danaet

Contact persons:

Mr. Desta Alem Aberha (Manager)
Ms. Ethiopia Bisrat (owner)