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Private commercial BDS providers


Sheba Info-Tec and Business College

Tel. 00251-04-408620, Fax. 00251-04-408621


Website: http://www.shebacollege.com

P.O.Box 362, Mekelle

-          Gives training in:

           Computer Science



           Secretarial Science

           Information Technology

           Purchasing,  Supplies and Sales

Provides consultancy services to existing entrepreneurs as well as to business start-ups.

Undertakes feasibility studies for investors, etc


New Millennium College

Tel. 00251-04-406144

Fax. 00251-04-406088

Email: nmisco@telecom.net.et

P.O.Box 1320, Mekelle

-          Provides short-term training in collaboration with different organisations and the fieldsoffered by the College includes:-


           Human Resource and Supplies Management

           Marketing Management

           Secretarial Science

           Computer Science

           Bookkeeping and Data Entry

Gives consultancy service



Non Governmental Organizations


Don Bonsco Technical School

Tel. 00251-04-400333

Fax. 00251-04-402682

P.O.Box 08, Mekelle

Technical training for middle level technicians

Provides technical training in areas like auto-mechanics and machine shops


Relief Society of Tigray

Tel. 00251-04-406300

Fax. 00251-04-406714

P.O.Box 20, Mekelle

-          Organises and facilitates various training programmes in rural parts of the region based on need assessment in the fields of livestock, horticulture development through irrigation, etc.

-          Encourages economic diversification


Wukro Saint Mary Vocational School for Agriculture and Commerce

Tel. 00251-04-407877

Fax. 00251-04-407877

P.O.Box 12, Wukro

Vocational training at 10+1 and 10+2 level

Gives vocational training in the fields such as Secretarial Science, Office Management, Wood Work, Electricity, General Mechanic, Accounting, etc


 Public Organizations


TVET Mekelle

Tel. 00251-04-407469

P.O.Box 120, Mekelle

Implementation of the TVET Strategy

Provides training in:-

              Micro and Small Enterprise area

           Rural Development



Tigray Bureau of Trade and Industry

Tel. 00251-04-406735

Fax. 00251-04-406736

P.O.Box 46, Mekelle

-          Register enterprises and issues licenses

-          Provides training

-          Gives information service


Mekelle University Faculty of Business and Economics

Tel. 00251-04-407600

Fax. 00251-04-407610

E-mail: MBC@telcom.net.et

P.O.Box 451, Mekelle

-          Gives short-term training mostly in the area of basic accounting

-          The Faculty is also planning to give short- term training in the area of micro-finance in the near future

-          Also undertakes some MSE related research activities


Tigray Development Association Skill Training Centre

Tel. 00251-04-406944

Fax. 00251-04-407977

E-mail:tda: Mekelle@telecom.net.et

P.O.Box 469, Mekelle

Skill Training

-          The Skill Training Centres provides training in areas like construction, wood and metal works, carpet making, bee keeping, horticulture, etc.

-          The association also provides credit to the trainees for self employment in collaboration with Dedebit Credit and Saving Institution for its administration


Merha Tibeb Technical Training Center

Tel. 00251-04-403551

E-mail: esimret@telecom.net.et

P.O.Box 398, Mekelle

Technical training

Gives technical training in areas like woodwork, electronics, auto-mechanics and general mechanics


Zonal Administration of Mekelle

Tel. 00251-04-400321

Fax. 00251-04-403927

P.O.Box 52, Mekelle

-          Provides market area for MSEs

-          Encourages MSEs to form business associations

-          Participates in the selection of MSE operator trainees


Tigray Works and Urban Development Office

Tel. 00251-04-408773

Fax. 00251-04-408769

P.O.Box 225, Mekelle

Making the necessary studies and selections the Office allocates market areas for business operators


Tigray Investment Office

Tel. 00251-04-408522

Fax. 00251-04-408403

P.O.Box 947, Mekelle

-          The Office facilitates the access for land, power, water, telecommunication facilities, etc. for investors

-          Gives licenses for investment

-          Permits tax exemptions, etc


Tigray Co-operatives Organisation and Promotion Bureau

Tel. 00251-04-406964

Fax. 00251-04-406962

P.O.Box 1200, Mekelle

-          The Bureau organises training programmes like basic business management and accounting skills for management committees of the Co-operative Societies

-          Provides other supportive services  in the process of by-law formulation, legal registration, audit service, etc. to the Co-operative Societies

-          Gives market information




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