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Private commercial BDS providers


Maria Roverto Captune Denagel Cloth Design,
Tailoring and Embroidery Work

P.O.Box 8850, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251- 1- 614371

Gives training in:

  - Cloth designing and tailoring

  - Embroidery


Florida Cloth Design, Tailoring and Embroidery School

P.O.Box 30323, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-151154

Gives training in :

  - Cloth designing and tailoring

  - Embroidery


Bekelech Beauty Work Training Centre

P.O.Box 23204, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-155373

Provides training in:

  - Hair Designing

  - Receptionist

  - Laundry Skill


Addis Beauty Work Training Centre

Tel. 00251-1-113089

Gives training in beauty work


Lovely Beauty Work Training Centre

Tel. 00251-1-750345

Provides training in beauty work


Saint Mary Beauty Work Training Centre

P.O.Box 1952, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-122329

Gives training in :

  - Cloth design and tailoring

  - Beauty Skill

  - Embroidery


ABGAK Hotel Skill Training Centre

P.O.Box 10872, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-155371

Training in food preparation and catering


Tesfa Hotel SkillTraining Centre

P.O.Box 62677, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-152117

Gives training in :

  - Food Preparation

  - Catering

  - House Keeping

  - Reception Skill


Global Food Preparation and Catering Training Institution

P.O.Box 31257, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251- 1-614010

Provides training in :

  - food preparation

  - Catering

  - Customer Handling


Gudina Tumsa Foundation

P.O.Box 4003, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251- 1-615708

Gives training in :-

  - Tailoring

  - Embroidery

  - Dying



Non Governmental Organizations (NGO)


Action Aid Ethiopia

P.O.Box 1261, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-654671, Fax. 00251-1-653420

For 12th complete students:

  - Training in different income generating skills

  - Support in providing start-up capital

Child Care and Education

P.O.Box 24998, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-127372, Fax. 00251-1-550152

The service is given mainly for youths:

  - Training in different handicraft skills

  - Support in the provision of some start-up capital

  - Supply some basic work tools

  - Advisory service


Care International Ethiopia

P.O.Box 4710, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-463422, Fax. 00251-1-461969

Focus on jobless people:

  - Training in different income generating skills

  - Advisory service


Christian Assistance Organisation

P.O.Box 20172, Addis Ababa, Tel.00251-1-615812, Fax. 00251-1-615812

Give training in different income generating skills

Targets on youths


Christian Foundation Ethiopia


For handicap-ped youths:

  - Training in different income generating skills

  - Rehabilitation support

  - Marketing support


Enterprise Ethiopia

More detailed information

Promoting Enterprise Growth and Excellence

P.O. Box:  1674 Code 1110 Addis Ababa, Tel. 625533-35, 624563

E-mail. enter-ethio@telecom.net.et 


Youth Development Assistance


  - Training in different income generating skills

  - Advisory service

  - Support in market study


Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus

P.O.Box 5749, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-128550, Fax. 00251-1-550370

Focus on poor people:

  - Training in different income generating skills

  - Credit service

  - Provide work tools

  - Advisory service

German Agro Action

P.O.Box 1866, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-624765, Fax. 00251-1-624731

Focus on poor people:

  - Training in different skills

  - Advisory service

  - Some other support services


Goal Ethiopia

P.O.Box 6552, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-531882, Fax. 00251-1-515822

Targets on street vendors and other victimised people:

  - Provide training in various income generating construction skills

  - Support in the provision of some work tools

  - Advisory service

  - Financial support to rehabilitate

Help Age International

P.O.Box 3384, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-611580, Fax. 00251-1-161563

For old age people:

  - Training in different income generating skills

  - Create some rehabilitation work


Hope Organisation

P.O.Box 55546, Addis Ababa

Targets on youths:

  - Training in different technical skills

  - Advisory service

Meserete Kiristos

P.O.Box 24227, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-506133, Fax. 00251-1-513310

For poor jobless people:

  - Training in different handicraft skills

  - Support in organizing them in associations

  - Rehabilitation support


Red Barna Ethiopia

Tel. 00251-1-711401

Focus on mothers and children:

  - Training in basic business skills

  - Rehabilitation support

  - Marketing support



P.O.Box 3506, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-185764

Gives computer training

Targets on female youths


Selam Technical Skill  Training

P.O.Box 8577, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-161060

Give training in different technical skills

For youths having no family


Integrated Basic Development Town Project

P.O.Box 6889, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-714671, Fax. 00251-1-512177

For jobless youths:

  - Gives training in different skills

  - Provides basic educationAdvisory service



Targets on jobless youths

Advisory service and training:

  - Different technical skills

  - Construction skills

Concern Ethiopia

P.O.Box 2434, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251- 1-611730, Fax. 00251- 1-61154

Targets on women micro business operators:

  - Gives training in basic business skill

  - Credit and saving service

  - Provides Kitchen and Toilet House construction service

  - Provide some other financial, technical and material support

Ethiopian Women Assistance

P.O.Box 12644, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-651114

  - Provides training in:-

  - Basic business skill

  - Other various skills

  - Credit and saving service

  - Support in bookkeeping,  experience sharing, environmental protection


Farm Africa

P.O.Box 5746, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-550154

Using appropriate technology it provides trainingand material support in:

  - Goat Production

  - Forest and Wild Life Conservation

  - Agricultural Research

  - Capacity building

  - Networking

  - Advisory service

  - Experience sharing

Mary Joy Development

P.O.Box 12939, Addis Ababa, Tel.00251- 09-208518

  - Basic business skill

  - Expansion of basic development facilities

  - Credit and saving service

  - Gives basic education

  - Technical assistance, etc


Plan International

P.O.Box 12677, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-652067

For women:

  - Basic business skill

  - Bookkeeping

  - Advisory service

  - Credit and saving service


P.O.Box 34069, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-504579

  - Technical training

  - Management training

  - Gives basic education

  - Establishment of Health Centre

  - Organisational support



P.O.Box 13047, Addis Ababa,  Tel. 00251-1- 560249

  - Training in basic business skill

  - Gives basic education

  - Facilitate access to credit and saving

  - Health service, etc


Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat

P.O.Box 2454, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-550300

  - Technical and vocational training

  - Credit and saving service

  - Advisory service

  - Educational service, etc


Brihan Development Organisation and Co-ordination

P.O.Box 9310, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-125971

  - Credit and saving service

  - Gives basic education

  - Support Street Vendors

  - Family planning service, etc.



Public Governmental Organizations


Hotel and Tourism Work Institution

P.O. Box 4350, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-513144

Training for 12th complete students in :

  - Food Preparation

  - Catering

  - Tourist Guide

  - Travel Operation

  - Receptionist

  - House Keeping Supervision


Addis Ababa City Administration Skill Training Co-ordination Office

P.O.Box 3328, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-550244/45

Co-ordinate Skill Training. Training in :

  - Various handicraft skills

  - Basic con

  - Struction skills


Addis Ababa Education Bureau

P.O.Box 356/2445, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-550111

Training in :

  - Handcraft Skills

  - Technological Skills

  - Construction Skills


Addis Ababa Commercial College

P.O.Box 2458, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-518055

Training in:

  - Basic Business Management

  - Marketing

  - Advertisement Service

  - Business Information Service


Ethiopian Export Promotion Agency

P.O.Box 6945, Addis Ababa, Tel. 00251-1-504474, Fax. 00251-1-505192

Export promotion

  - Facilitate business linkages

  - Contact exporters with foreign buyers

  - Support exporters to participate in foreign trade fairs, exhibitions, etc.

  - Support in accessing and utilisation of information technology, etc

Gives services for producers, suppliers and exporters



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