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1. Establishment

BCaD-Consulting Management is a Sole-proprietorship consulting firm, which was established in 1998.

2. Objectives of BCaD

BCaD aims to enhance self-employment opportunities and success of business enterprises and other development activities in Ethiopia and abroad through the various services it renders to its clients. The following are few of the 

services through which it attempts to achieve its objectives. Since it is a profit-making organization, the services are given for a reasonable payment.

  • Micro and Small Enterprise Development Studies

  • Business feasibility studies

  • Business plan preparation

  • Studies in development of IGAs

  • Entrepreneurial training – CEFE methodology and EDP

  • Grassroots Management Training (GMT)

  • Organisation & Management Studies & training

  • Gender and Advocacy Training

  • Community Empowerment Training

  • Operational manual preparation

  • Impact assessment studies

  • Business Development Services through interactive situation analysis

  • Market research and strategy development

  • Analytical models for managerial decisions.

3. Major Achievements

BCaD has obtained several clients basically international and local development organisations that give financial and capacity building assistance to the Ethiopian enterprising society. Few of them are GTZ-MSE, GTZ-OSHF, GTZ-HE, World Bank, Women Affairs Office, Enterprise Ethiopia Program, NACID, Misirach Center, Redd Barna, DSW, etc. Through these development organisations thousands of enterprising Ethiopians from micro to medium level enterprise owners and from illiterates to PHD holders have been addressed through our entrepreneurial training. All our past trainees witness that they have benefited a great deal from the training, which brings behavioural change and enables them to manage small and medium businesses and industries of their own. Thus, we have a very good reputation with them and their sponsors who like to always work with us and recommend us for others in similar endeavours.

4. Future Plans

BCaD-Consulting Management has a vision to establish a venture management-training institute so as to be able to directly address those individuals who like to grasp entrepreneurial know-how either to start or expand their own businesses without seeking donors’ financial assistance for capacity building. Moreover, we are planning to start on the spot business-counselling programme to our clients to help them deal with the specific difficulties they face on their businesses.

BCaD- Consulting Management

A leading firm in Business Creation and Development Studies

Mr. Afework Yohannes

P. O. Box 11194 Addis Ababa

Tel. 65.56.87, Fax: 66.19.97

Mobile 09/24.23.03

E-mail: bcad@telecom.net.et